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“A nomination for ‘The Sea Is All I Know’ would give credit where credit is due” – Paste Magazine

In Film The Sea Is All I Know, Jordan Bayne on December 13, 2011 at 11:46 pm

(Jordan) “Bayne’s 30-minute tale (The Sea Is All I Know) is the epitome of why short fiction filmmaking survives. It captures your attention from the start, hardly allows you to breathe along the way, and leaves you feeling as though your heart has been ripped from your chest as the credits roll and the haunting title song is played one last time. A nomination for The Sea Is All I Know would give credit where credit is due.” – Caitlin Colford, Paste Magazine

Reviews for ‘The Sea Is All I Know’ starring Melissa Leo, directed by Jordan Bayne

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‘The Sea Is All I Know’ stars Oscar Winner Melissa Leo (The Fighter) and Peter Gerety (The Wire) and encompasses the controversial subject of assisted suicide.  Through this extraordinary journey the film shares a story of love in the face of death.

This wonderful film is eligible for consideration in the upcoming 84th Academy Awards.

OSCAR BEST BET : “The Sea Is All I Know,” starring Melissa Leo…Macdonald calls it an “incredibly moving tale of family and faith. Melissa Leo gives a heart-wrenching, typically brilliant performance.”

FILMMAKERS TO WATCH : “Jordan Bayne: Does such a great job of directing Melissa Leo and Peter Gerety, among others, in the “Sea Is All I Know,” that I likewise cannot imagine her career languishing. She has a very bright future ahead of her in American cinema.” – Darryl MacDonald, Executive Director, Palm Springs International ShortFest

“A Tour De Force…Moving, Painterly, Human…A Brilliant Film” – Jett Loe, FilmTalk

“Through excellent casting and classic story telling Bayne has created an Oscar worthy unconventional love story  ‘The Sea Is All I Know’’– Kimberly Jessie, The Huffington Post

“The Sea Is All I Know” is “emotional, haunting, and honest”. Writer Director Jordan Bayne “allows the viewer to get pulled into the characters’ inner conflict.  Leo’s raw, jaw-dropping performance can take an audience’s breath away.  Gerety (“The Wire”) is so perfectly cast, he turns in an outstanding and multilayered performance”…. “The film ”packs an emotional punch as is, reminding you that even in the darkest places, family, hope, and love can be found.”

– Jessica Gardner, Back Stage West

“The Sea Is All I Know starring Melissa Leo and Peter Gerety “is powerful, haunting, and memorable. It is beautifully human, and a rare gem because of it, and it will stay with you long after the film ends.” – Henry K, Brave New Hollywood

“It is amazing so you are able to tell such a meaningful and intense story is such a short period of time. This film is wound so tight and so powerful that the you find that you were holding your breath throughout. The short is very smartly and sharply directed by Jordan Bayne.” – Media Mikes

“Jordan Bayne’s poised and delicate direction and excellent acting from Leo and Gerety provides 28 minutes of poignant storytelling.” -Josh Lyons, The Coach Potato Club

“The film is an incredibly moving and immersive experience; filled with meaning and worthy of the highest praise.  I expect we’ll see much more from this bright young director in the future.” – Richard Lennox, Filmoria

“Probably the most important thing about filmmaking, that you really know what your story is, and you restrict it to only the things that are necessary to tell that story. The Sea Is All I Know is a complete, short story about loss—and, perhaps, a little hope.” – Nicole Potter, Films in Review

“This short movie superbly tackles contentious moral issues with skillful acting and direction. Thoroughly recommended and thought provoking, this is a film that portrays a familiar subject with a personable  and unique perspective.” Darren Cheers, Huffington Post

Brave New Hollywood Magazine calls ‘The Sea Is All I Know’ starring Melissa Leo “A Real Gem”

In Film The Sea Is All I Know, Jordan Bayne, Melissa Leo on October 25, 2011 at 9:01 pm

Henry-K from Brave New Hollywood Magazine reviewed ‘The Sea Is All I know’ starring Academy winner Melissa Leo, Peter Gerety (The Wire) and directed by Jordan Bayne.

He gave the film a glowing review saying;

 “Writer-director Jordan Bayne, who is an actor herself (and it shows), confidentially sticks to the most important assets for this touching, very human story: her actors, their talent, and more specifically, their emotional range. In the process, the filmmaker helps create a breathing room that is the result of her faith in her incredible cast. Her choice of shots (close ups, bright exteriors) and the seemingly calm musical score compliment the brewing trouble her characters find themselves in.”

“The Sea is powerful, haunting, and memorable. It is beautifully human, and a rare gem because of it, and it will stay with you long after the film ends.”

Read the full article here: http://bravenewhollywood.com/melissa-leo-keeps-shining-in-the-sea-is-all-i-know/





The Sea Is All I Know starring Oscar Winner Melissa Leo is officially selected for Academy Award Consideration

In Film The Sea Is All I Know, Melissa Leo on October 5, 2011 at 8:03 am

Watch Academy Award Winner Melissa Leo, Peter Gerety (The Wire) and director Jordan Bayne talk about the wonderful film ‘The Sea Is All I Know.’

For more information click here: https://www.facebook.com/theseaisalliknow

‘The Sea Is All I Know’ directed by Jordan Bayne and starring Academy Award winner Melissa Leo

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We are excited to be working on this wonderful film directed and written by Jordan Bayne.  For more information go to: www.seathefilm.com

An extraordinary story of love in the face of death. THE SEA IS ALL I KNOW is an honest portrait of a family coming to terms with their relationship to death. When estranged couple, Sara [Melissa Leo] and Sonny [Peter Gerety], come to the aid of their dying daughter, the experience sends them spiraling into spiritual crisis and brutal heartbreak. In the end, an act of selfless love, renews their lives, transcends their loss of faith, even death itself.