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Dominique Moore attends the German premiere of the film ‘The Physician’

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Dominique Moore’s feature in The Guardian

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Horrible Histories BBC star Dominique Moore was featured in the Guardian, where she talks about her view on Mary Seacole being removed from the school curriculum.

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DM The Guardian (Short with pic) Jan 13


Young People Stand Up #TheRevolution with Bite The Ballot, TV Star Dominique Moore and SBTV’s Jamal Edwards

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Bite The Ballot: http://bitetheballot.co.uk/

Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JamSam

Directed by Darren S. Cook  – a Scruffy Bear Pictures production
for and with Bite the Ballot

Starring – Dominique Moore, Jamal Edwards and Sam Pepper

Horrible Histories Actress Dominique Moore featured in 72 Minutes Magazine.

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British Actress Dominique Moore is featured in 72 Minutes Magazine, expressing her views on what life is like as an Actress.

Horrible Histories star Dominique Moore on why she supports @BiteTheBallot

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Bite the Ballot is a grass roots campaign created by young people to inspire others to speak up and be a part of the decisions that directly affect them.  Actress Dominique Moore has joined the campaign to help encourage young people to have their say.   Listen to what Dominique has to say right here.

You can also join Dominique on Facebook and Twitter

and Bite the Ballot on Facebook, Twitter and find out more information on their website.

Dominique Moore Talks about why you should join Bite the Ballot from Bite The Ballot on Vimeo.

True Blood’s Darren Darnborough and Horrible Histories Dominique Moore at The WTA Pre Wimbledon Party

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Baba Epega, Dominique Moore and Darren Darnborough at the WTA Pre Wimbledon Party at Kensington Roof Gardens in London

Dominique Moore featured in the UK’s Metro at The British Inspiration Awards 2012

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Dominique Moore featured in the Metro UK as she arrives at the British Inspiration Awards at the Intercontinental Hotel in London. 24/05/2012

Dominique Moore featured in the UK’s Jubilee Edition of OK! Magazine

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British Actress Dominique Moore presented the 2012 British Inspiration Award and is featured in the Jubilee Edition of OK! Magazine


Horrible Histories Star Dominique Moore Arrives at West End Eurovision in London

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Actress Dominique Moore Arrives at West End Eurovision 2012 in London

Photo Credit: West End Eurovision