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Young Designer Emily Tonkin’s 30:fifteen Women’s Tennis wear range featured on 72 Minutes Magazine

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ET-72 Minutes Aug 13

Young Designer Emily Tonkin’s feature article in Inspire LS Magazine

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In-Spirels August 13 Cover ET In-Spirels LS Aug 13 - 2 ET In-Spirels LS August 13 ET In-Spirels August 13 -3

Young Designer of new Tennis brand 30:fifteen, Emily Tonkin’s feature article in Global Living Magazine

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ET- Global Living May 13 984056_4864629020809_1712724691_n

Emily Tonkin and Designer of Ladies tennis Wear line 30:fifteen’s feature article for 3 Dot Magazine

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Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 13.11.28 ET - 3 Dot Mag May 13 1 ET - 3 Dot Mag May 13 P2 ET - 3 Dot Mag May 13 p3

New Tennis wear range 30:fifteen feature on Ouch Magazine

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ET - Ouch - April 13

30:fifteen featured in Creative Talent Magazine

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New women’s tennis wear line 30:fifteen’s feature article in Creative Talent Magazine.


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New Tennis Wear Line 30:fifteen featured on Lady M

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ET- Lady M April 13

New Women’s Tennis Wear Line, 30fifteen Featured on Yahoo

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30f Yahoo! April 13

Young Designer of New Tennis Wear Line 30:fifteen, Emily Tonkin’s feature article on The Next Women

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ET-The Next Women April 13

30fifteen featured on Tennis Identity

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New ladies tennis wear 30fifteen, designed by young entrepreneur Emily Tonkin, is featured on Tennis identity.

ET-Tennis Identity March 13 1 ET-Tennis Identity March 13 2 ET-Tennis Identity March 13