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Dekel Berenson’s Anna is a revelation – Vogue Magazine

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In war-torn eastern Ukraine, a middle-aged single mother (Svetlana Alekseevna Barandich) is lured out of her home by a radio advert to attend a party organised for foreign men who are looking for love. Director Dekel Berenson’s short film, which premiered at Cannes 2019, is a revelation.

Variety review by Peter Debruge of Josephine Mackerras’ ‘Alice’

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Stories by and about women dominated SXSW’s narrative competition, but the winner (according to the jury, at least) was this tiny French drama about a mother who’s surprised to learn that her husband has emptied their bank account on high-end escorts. More surprising still, she decides that the only way to save her apartment from immediate foreclosure is to embrace the same line of work. But this is no “Belle de Jour”: Australian-born director Josephine Mackerras’ Paris-set debut doesn’t go where you’d expect, focusing on how sex work becomes an act of empowerment and self-awakening for this particular woman. — Peter Debruge

Kiri Bloore featured in the Daily Mail

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Presenter Kiri Bloore was featured in the Daily Mail at the Magic Lantern Festival opening in London.



Complimentary PR advice from Publicist Catherine Lyn Scott for filmmakers and actors through weaudition.com

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This innovative new online tool, allows casting directors, agents and publicists to hold meetings online with anyone in the world.  It is simple and easy to use.  Catherine Lyn Scott, Publicist at London Flair PR is offering complimentary PR advice for filmmakers and actors on 28th November. Sign up here: http://weaudition.com/submit/o5nyik

Kierston Wareing speaks to The Stage about her first audition

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Raindance Film Festival Juror Johnny McDaid and Founder Elliot Grove talk to Red Carpet TV News

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Elliot Grove

Johnny McDaid

Rik Makarem featured in The Express

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Rik Makarem Express Nov15

LGBT film ‘Wasp’ featured in Screen Daily

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WASP ScreenDaily Oct15

Pasha Bocarie nominated at Asian Media Awards

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PB ITV Asian Media Awards Oct2015

Raindance Film Festival, publicity by London Flair PR

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