Consider the mesmerizing Shaun Parkes – Vulture Magazine

In London Flair PR on July 13, 2021 at 1:46 pm

With their premieres at the New York Film Festival and deeply cinematic structures, the films of Steve McQueen’s Small Axe series arguably fit better in the Academy Awards than the Emmy Awards, but we don’t make the rules. The fact is that Amazon submitted them for Emmy consideration, and they should pop up in a few places on Emmy nomination morning — most are predicting nods for Letitia Wright and John Boyega. This is a plea to dig a little deeper and also consider Wright’s co-star in Mangrove, the mesmerizing Shaun Parkes. He plays Frank Crichlow, the owner of a Trinidadian restaurant called the Mangrove in Notting Hill that faces racist harassment from the London police. Eventually charged with the rest of the Mangrove Nine, Parkes’s Frank fights back against the system that has been rigged against them. Parkes finds just the right balance of frustration and fire in one of 2020’s best performances in film, TV, or whatever you want to call it. – Brian Tallerico

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