Reviews of Sailcloth starring John Hurt, Directed by Elfar Adalsteins

In John Hurt, Sailcloth on December 8, 2011 at 8:45 pm

The heartfelt film ‘Sailcloth’ created and directed by Elfar Adalsteins is already award winning by taking the ‘Grand Jury Prize’ at the Rhode Island Film Festival to a standing ovation. It has also been selected as a 2012 Academy Short Film Award candidate.

Sailcloth shares the poignant story of an elderly widower (John Hurt) as he sets in motion a series of events to hide his disappearance from a nursing home. After gathering necessities he heads to the local pier where a beloved companion awaits him – ready for their last great journey.

This wonderful film is eligible for consideration in the upcoming 84th Academy Awards.




“Hurt’s silent performance is a masterclass in wistful determination and gently shifting expression, while Karl Oskarsson’s imagery and Richard Cottle’s score perfectly complement the delicacy and poignancy of Adalsteins’s direction. A little gem.” – David Parkinson, Empire Magazine

“Beautifully shot and with a star performance from John Hurt, Elfar Adalsteins’ short film Sailcloth could be sailing its way to the Oscars”. – Sarah Cooper, Screen Daily

“Sailcloth: John Hurt’s silent sea adventure.” – Tim Masters, BBC News

“For a film that has no words, it surely says a lot. Dialogue has been replaced with expressive acting and sounds, a testimony to the director (Elfar Adalsteins), the actor (John Hurt) and the composer (Richard Cottle). A must see short film that has genuinely struck at the heart.” – Darren Cheers, Huffington Post

“Sailcloth is a wonderfully tight little movie that unlike most short films actually moves.  Warm, poignant and ultimately uplifting, Sailcloth may just prove to be the little film that could this awards season.” – David Watson, Filmjuice

“Sailcloth is a ’tissues-at-the-ready’ inspirational tale. Hurt’s performance is most remarkable.  The film’s emotional pull is such that it’s already made the long list of nominees for the shorts category at next year’s Academy Awards. Expect it to have made the short list before the year is out.” – Timothy E Raw,  DVD Outsider

“Adalsteins’ direction is assured and commands a steady, deft grip on a beautifully melodic film, he has managed to give us an understated but defiant encapsulation of the triumph of the human spirit, all in the space of just 20 short minutes.” – Jean Lynch, Up-Close Film

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