Fagun Thakrar to Support Victims of Domestic Violence

In Fagun Thakrar on September 5, 2010 at 3:39 am

Fagun Thakrar is honored to be the International Spokesperson for SAHARA

There is more than meets the eye to stunning British Indian actress Fagun Thakrar.   In her latest Hollywood feature ‘Blood and Curry’ she plays Deepa, an Indian lady who moves to America to marry a man she has never met.  Sadly for her this man makes her life hell and she ends up loosing her life, this is a story that is played out for real far to often.   It touched Fagun’s heart so much that she not only found it emotional to play, but she also decided to do something to ensure victims know there is help available!

Photos: Fagun visiting the headquarters of the charity she is the International Spokesperson for SAHARA.

SAHARA (South Asian Helpline And Referral Agency) is committed to serving the growing community of South Asians in Southern California by providing them with information, referrals, skills development and other culturally sensitive support services needed to meet the unique challenges they face and also to deal with the personal crises of survivors of domestic violence.

For more information on SAHARA go to: http://www.saharaorg.org/

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