World Football Daily and London Flair PR

In World Football Daily on May 5, 2010 at 12:20 am

London Flair PR welcomes our newest client ‘World Football Daily’.

World Football Daily is the only daily English language show exclusively dedicated to football anywhere in the world and is courted by players, managers, general managers and media personalities from the UK and USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, Africa and South America.  World Football Daily employs the very best journalists to help make the show the most thorough football experience covering football anywhere in the world.  This is reflected in the numbers that the show routinely puts up in countries like Australia, Brazil, India, New Zealand, Canada, Germany and many of the big football nations throughout the world.

World Football Daily reached football fans worldwide that are looking for a deeper and more personal football experience on a daily basis.  The show covers all on-field topics from the world’s major football leagues while finely balancing the 24/7 soap opera that is the world game as well as the business side of the game.  This subscription based show has already broken new territory on delivering the finest broadcasted football product.

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