Tanya Franks Live on LA Talk Radio

In Tanya Franks on April 19, 2010 at 3:37 am

Award winning British actress Tanya Franks in-depth interview with LA Talk Radio’s SheenaMetal on the ‘Sheena Metal Experience’.  Fans get the chance to hear all about Tanya’s myriad of work, including her award winning performance on ‘Pulling’, her role in the long running TV show ‘The Bill’ and the breakthrough role on ‘Family Affairs’.  Tanya talks about working in London’s Theatre, what excites her about a role, the structure of writing and how she is so very different from those crazy roles she plays so well.

Listen and find out how this amazing actress started her acting career and made how she chooses what role to play .  http://www.latalkradio.com/images/Sheena-041610.mp3

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